Being Charitable on a Budget


Though the holidays can sometimes be steeped in greed and selfish desire, philanthropists are making ongoing efforts to instill generosity into this time of year. Asha Curran, the CEO of Giving Tuesday, is one such mover and shaker. As the brains behind Giving Tuesday, Curran is a strong proponent of the power of benevolence. Her charitable efforts have inspired many, and Curran maintains that there’s more to giving back than donating money. If you’re tight on cash and looking for viable alternatives, here are some ways you can get involved in philanthropic movements without dipping into your pockets.

Donate Your Time
Volunteering is an option that many pursue. In addition to being a great use of time, volunteering also allows you to mingle with like-minded individuals. Best of all, you don’t have to be skilled in a certain area to donate your time. When you opt to volunteer, all you have to do is show up, be present, and put in the necessary work. Sarah Nathan, a member of the fundraising school at Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, urges individuals to consider nonprofit organizations. According to Nathan, this is “one of the best things you can do” for a non-business entity.

Donate Unused Items
Before the holidays come to a close, go through your belongings. You’d be surprised how many items you no longer have use for. While these materials possessions may no longer serve you, they could have a significant impact on a family in need. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Once you’ve collected your household goods, bring them to a local organization. From there, they’ll be distributed to thrift stores and nonprofits that individuals frequent.

Do Pro Bono Work
Social media marketers, writers, and graphic artists are invariably in high demand. In the hopes of increasing their exposure and bolstering their image, nonprofits are keen to work with these industry specialists. However, they don’t always have the financial means to do so. If you have a certain talent that could be advantageous to a nonprofit organization, volunteer your skills. By offering your services free of charge, you can set these institutions up for success.

Get Others Involved
There’s strength in numbers, and this notion rings especially true when performing acts of kindness. When attempting to amass community support, your workplace is a great starting point. Not only will you find colleagues who are willing to contribute to your efforts, but your employer may be interested in matching your donations as well. In essence, a helping hand is all it takes to expand your charitable reach.

Be The Change
If there are areas for improvement in your community, spark the necessary change. Spearheading such a movement will prove both fulfilling and beneficial. If you’re reluctant to lead the charge, band together with fellow community members. Together, you can ignite hope and restoration.

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