Why Feeding Into Negativity Stunts Your Business Growth

Negativity has ruined countless of businesses and lives in this world. It is one of the most popular tactics used by rivals to sabotage their competitors in the market. Negativity is bad for any business. It results in lots of bad behavior on the part of ill-informed employees as well as the business’s clients and customers.

Losing Trust With Negativity

For many businesses, negativity through online campaign may seem fun and surefire way to grab the attention of potential customers. Turn on the computer, type in some words that are controversial about another product or company on a social media network and watch for the reaction from users. All you need to do is sit and let the world take over the topic of negativity that you just posted. And while you are at it, you will get a huge number of responses to that post, some favorable, others non-favorable or mixed reactions. Alternatively, you can try promoting your business on the same platform at the same time, but little will you know that this whole scenario is going to cause an adverse reaction to your business moving forward.

Your biggest problem will probably be losing the trust of your customers and clients in the long run. Congratulations on joining the annoying world of criticisms, threats and lawsuits. Some people who want that 15 minutes of fame through their take on the topic may love you but few clients may want to do anything with your business. Most will silently get away from you or throw your future dealings in the wastebasket. If you are contacting them, they will probably automatically make you listen to their voicemails.

Losing Clients With Negativity

Even more interesting is to probe why some businesses think that negativity plays out well and is a symbol of creativity. Not surprisingly, they choose negativity because many other businesses are doing the same and getting huge responses on social medias. So they send out flyers, posts on Facebook and Twitter anticipating to fill their business needs. Others use classified ads and direct email campaigns with such messages. Still others just hold booths and conventions in the hope of eventually using them to lure clients. What prospective clients will see is your absence of respect for others. They will see a lack of purposeful objectives and thus a lack of coherence. Emphasizing on negativity stand out sharply even though it does not provide the best presentation of your business ethic or ability.

Creating Chaos With Negativity

In essence, trust, hopes and positivity continue to guide most people who are in the consumer market. This means there is no place for negativity stunts if you want your business to grow. That sentiment is fit for the trash. Producing stunt that is based on negativity might give you a false sense of making progress in a chaotic market. The truth is, there won’t be any progress. In fact, negativity will communicate the wrong message to your prospective customers, that you are unprofessional, uninformed, unfocused or just plain rude.

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